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【Member】The clouds fall flower moon is cleared to career

Design comes from life and life is higher than life. Design speaks and can touch the soul. The integration of life into the design, design and application to life, so as to achieve a perfect home cultural space performance.

Project address: Ting Xingcheng

Project area: 140 square meters

Project style: new Chinese style

The designer said

Meet for the first time, the couple was refined and cultured temperament of the infection, the host is a writer you, the hostess is financial elite, seemingly two kinds of style, but between UMEMs have a hermit in the city.

Shallow talk after the expected and first impression after the couple, love is the new Chinese style with Buddhist, but also do not want too cumbersome, after all, also need to facilitate the care of their own living. The combination of the traditional charm and the modern spirit is like the combination of the couple's character. In the modern minimalist way, it is a kind of defense to present the Chinese style of heavy weather.

Since the start, then down to.

Two sliding doors with vertical partition with circular hollow, sofa backdrop with the micro light ink painting, simple yet elegant taste.

书房是男主人最在意的一个空间,一条案几,一张圈椅,一面墨香四溢的书墙,想象一席长袍伏案夜读,潜心深思,自得其乐。 That's what life needs.

The bedroom is no frills, wooden furniture, lamps and elements, with two other classical, minimalist atmosphere. Sleep in such an environment, and the dream will be calm and warm.

When the thought reaches a certain height, the pursuit is the satisfaction of the soul. This elegant and implicative new ancient house is their spiritual residence.


"Do not learn poetry, no words. Do not learn courtesy, not to stand. " This is the motto of the host, from them, truly realize what is called the "belly there is poetry and gas from China, along with the spring breeze.

For the designer of the case, the owner is a surprise gift in the job. After all, the best design is Freemasonry, is another achievement.

A long time, to each other, not envy.

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