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Sun Yuen Jiayuan

classification:modern Creation:2017-05-12

【Member】Main material: Marco Polo tile, mosaic, Long Ya is wood, wood floors, Cioffi wardrobe, elegant wallpaper and other materials.

Artistic conception Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive decoration company integrating family decoration, tooling and design. The company has exquisite design and construction team, exquisite workmanship and excellent technology.

The company has excellent corporate culture and strong strength, the company learned from advanced decorative decoration experience, the integration of local home culture, to create unique decorative decoration services. At the same time, we also have a team of experienced, professional, technical, talented and innovative thinking team. Will "professional and service" concept of real penetration, and from the volume of housing, design, construction, materials, processes, after-sale the entire process, and truly make consumers feel at ease, peace of mind, peace of mind. The spirit of "norms, integrity, enterprising" spirit and "tolerance is learn widely from others'strong points," corporate values, creating a large number of fine works of the Peugeot engineering. To the advanced management and engineering quality won the praise of the decoration industry customers, resulting in a good brand influence.

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