Club Constitution

Chapter one is the first chapter

Article title: International Club of China's elite designers

English Name: International

For China elite designers Club

English abbreviation: ICCED

The nature of the Second Club: it is the world's most powerful and representative groups and individuals in the field of art and design in the world.

The purpose of the third club: "cooperation and exchanges, mutual improvement, common development, mutual benefit and win-win situation"

The second chapter business scope

Fourth club business scope:

(a) to integrate the extensive resources of the design industry in China, put forward the planning and construction for the development of China's design industry, and strive to improve the overall level of China's design;

(II) formulation club members of professional ethics and norm, about, to establish the self-discipline mechanism, standardize self management and industry management behavior, to improve the overall quality, safeguard the overall interests, and monitor execution of membership;

(three) the recent and long-term development of the research and design industries, to the government and the relevant departments to reflect the requirements of members. To formulate relevant policies and actively promote and implement the instructions, policies and laws relating to the design of the government;

(four) to safeguard the intellectual property rights and the legitimate rights and interests of members, to promote fair competition, to coordinate the relationship between members;

(five) research and development of domestic and foreign design technology and its development trend, collect, arrange, exchange of information about design technology;

(six) training design talents;

(7) the design scope including architecture and design, brand strategy design, urban planning, landscape design, industrial and product design, provide to enterprises, institutions, the business scope of the consulting service, organization of experts for the enterprises and institutions involved in global heavy project technology and design review activities;

(eight) to assist the relevant departments to carry out the accreditation and design company qualification accreditation, accreditation work;

(IX) to carry out domestic and foreign design technical exchange activities, invite domestic and foreign experts and scholars to give lectures, to hold exhibitions, design competitions at home and abroad.

(ten) editing and publishing of books and publications related to design;

(eleven) to set up and design business related economic entities, in order to provide advisory services to members and the community at the same time, increase the income of the club, to promote their own development.

Third chapter member

Fifth club member types:

Membership of the club member and individual member two.

Sixth member to join the club, you must meet the following conditions:

(a) of the units and individuals who join the club, we must uphold and abide by the rules of the club;

(two) the membership must be voluntary, and apply;

(3) where and design business related enterprises and institutions can club to apply after approved by the club as a group member of the club, where engaged in various professional design work, in enterprises and institutions engaged in the design of business management, and enthusiastic and active support of the enterprise and individual, admit charter, voluntary application by himself, with the approval of the club can become individual members of the club.

(IV) foreign experts, scholars, and foreign companies to apply for membership and approved by the audit of the Secretariat of the club, as an honorary member of the club.

Seventh membership program:

(a) units or individuals voluntarily join the club shall submit an application for membership;

(II) the club received after the receipt of an application for membership, by authorized by the Secretariat of the club's Advisory Panel meeting discussed and adopted by the party as a member; honorary membership shall be the Secretariat through discussion, as honorary members;

(three) by the approval of a member, the club authorized by the office responsible for the issuance of membership card.

Article eighth members shall enjoy the following rights:

(a) the right to vote, the right to vote and the right to vote;

(two) the right to suggest, criticize and supervise the work of the club;

(three) the right to participate in the club's domestic and international activities;

(four) to give priority to the services provided by the club;

(five) voluntary membership, the refund will be free.

Article ninth members fulfill the following obligations:

(a) comply with the club constitution, the implementation of the club's resolution;

(two) to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the club;

(three) to undertake and complete the work entrusted by the club, reflecting the views and requirements of all aspects;

(four) to actively participate in academic activities, to provide the club with relevant academic works, works, results and information;

(five) to actively promote the design knowledge and promote outstanding achievements;

(six) according to the provisions of the payment of membership dues.

Tenth members, if not paid within 1 years or not to participate in club activities, as the automatic withdrawal.

Membership back will have to go through the formalities, and return the membership card.

The eleventh member such as a serious violation of the Charter of the act, the Secretariat shall be removed by a vote. Deprived of political rights, the natural cancel membership.

The fourth chapter organization and person in charge generation, recall

The supreme power of the twelfth club is a member of the general assembly, whose functions and powers are:

(a) formulating and amending the articles of association;

(two) the election of the club committee and the recall of members;

(three) the work report and the financial report of the review committee;

(four) the termination of the decision;

(five) to decide on other important matters.

The thirteenth member representative assembly shall have more than 2/3 of the members present at the meeting to be held, the resolution shall be subject to more than half of the vote to take effect.

The fourteenth member representative assembly shall not exceed 4 years. For the special circumstances need to be advanced or delayed, the Secretariat shall be adopted by the secretariat.

Article 15 the Secretariat is the executive body of the member representative assembly. During the intersessional period leadership club to carry out daily work, to the member representative assembly is responsible.

Sixteenth, the Secretariat of the authority is:

(a) the implementation of the resolution of the general meeting of members;

(two) the election and recall of the club directors, deputy directors, the Secretary general;

(three) to prepare for the convening of the general meeting of members;

(four) report to the members of the General Assembly on the work and financial situation;

(five) determine the conditions of membership, or authorize the standing Secretariat director office conference membership or expulsion;

(six) to determine the establishment of offices, branches, representative offices and entities;

(seven) to determine the deputy secretary general, the main person in charge of the appointment;

(eight) to lead the club to carry out the work of the various institutions;

(IX) formulation design industry professional ethics and norm, approximately, and the Federation of internal management system; to design personnel and institutions work to identify.

(ten) to carry out the award and recognition of activities, recommend excellent design, the relevant departments or units are recommended to be rewarded; organize domestic and international design exhibitions and competitions; organizational design personnel training;

(eleven) the news and announcements on behalf of the club;

(twelve) to decide on other important matters.

Seventeenth Secretariat shall have 2/3 above board of directors to be held, the resolution shall be approved by the board of directors of the board of directors 2/3 to take effect.

The eighteenth Secretariat shall meet at least once a year, and the special situation may be held at any time, or may be held in the form of communication.

Nineteenth club directors, vice president, the Secretary General must have the following conditions:

(a) adhere to the party's line, principles, policies, good political quality;

(two) having a greater impact on the business area of the club; or, in some areas, it is an outstanding performance and is keen to work with the club;

(three) the president, vice president, the Secretary General of the highest office age of not more than 70 years of age, the Secretary General for full-time, other people can also be full-time;

(four) good health, able to adhere to the normal work;

(five) of the criminal penalties for not being deprived of political rights;

(six) having full capacity for civil conduct.

Twentieth club directors, vice president, the secretary general, such as more than the maximum age of work shall be adopted by the committee, the party may serve.

Article 21 the club chairman, vice chairman, Secretary General of one term, the election may be reappointed, but not more than two consecutive terms. Due to special circumstances, it is necessary to extend the term of office shall be approved by the member representative assembly of 2 / 3 or more members vote, the party can be served.

Twenty-second Club legal representative shall be the Secretary general. For special circumstances, the deputy secretary general or director of the office shall be the legal representative.

The legal representative of the club is not a legal representative of other groups.

The twenty-third club chairman of the Council to make the following functions and powers:

(a) to convene and preside over the Secretariat and the standing office;

(two) to inspect the implementation of the members' Congress, the Secretariat and the executive office;

(three) the signing of the important documents on behalf of the club;

(four) to discuss major issues on behalf of the club.

Twenty-fourth club secretary general to exercise the following functions and powers:

(1) to carry out the daily work of the administrative office and organize the implementation of the annual work plan;

(two) to coordinate the work of various branches, representative offices and entities;

(three) the nomination of deputy secretary general and the various offices, branches, representative offices and entities of the main person in charge, to the Secretariat of the decision;

(four) the appointment of a full-time staff of the agency, the representative body and the entity;

(five) deal with other routine matters.

The fifth chapter is the principle of asset management and use.

Twenty-fifth Club funding sources:

(a) membership fee;

(two) donation;

(three) government funding;

(four) paid income to carry out activities or consultancy services within the approved business scope;

(five) the income of the approved entities;

(six) interest;

(seven) other lawful income.

Twenty-sixth clubs in accordance with the relevant provisions of the state membership dues.

Membership (group members and individual members) membership fee standards, in accordance with the club's secretary of the resolution of the implementation of the standard fee.

Twenty-seventh club funds must be used for the development of the business scope and business in the articles of association, and shall not be distributed among members.

Twenty-eighth club to establish a strict financial management system, to ensure that the accounting data is legal, true, accurate and complete.

Twenty-ninth club equipped with professional qualifications of accounting personnel. Accounting shall not be a cashier. Accounting personnel must carry out the accounting, the implementation of accounting supervision. Accounting personnel to mobilize the work or leave, must be handled with the transfer of staff procedures.

Thirtieth clubs of the asset management of the implementation of the provisions of the financial management system, the general assembly and the financial sector to accept supervision. If the source of the asset belongs to the state funding or social donations or funds, it shall be supervised by the audit organ and shall be published in an appropriate manner to the public. Thirty-first of the club's assets, any unit or individual shall not ewbezzle.

Thirty-second full-time staff of the club wages and insurance, welfare benefits, with reference to the relevant provisions of the state of the implementation of the institution.

Sixth chapter modification procedure

Thirty-third amendments to the constitution of the club, after the vote by the Secretariat of the general assembly for consideration by the members.

Thirty-fourth clubs to amend the articles of association, within 15 days after the adoption of the member representative assembly, the office of the examination and approval, and reported to the Secretary for approval after the entry into force.

The seventh chapter termination procedure and the termination of the property treatment

Thirty-fifth clubs to complete the purpose or the dissolution of their own or due to separation, merger and other reasons need to be canceled by the secretariat or the office of the termination of the agreement.

Thirty-sixth clubs to terminate the motion must be voted by the members of the general assembly, and reported to the Secretariat to review the consent.

Thirty-seventh before the termination of the club, the Secretariat shall, under the guidance of the liquidation organization, liquidation of debt, deal with the aftermath. During the period of liquidation, no activities other than liquidation are carried out.

Thirty-eighth clubs after the termination of the remaining property, under the supervision of the Secretariat, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the state, for the development of the purpose of the club and related undertakings.

The eighth chapter

Article thirty-ninth the articles of association shall be voted by the Secretariat in March 18, 2016.

Fortieth articles of association of the interpretation authority of the club's secretariat.

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