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Club for China elite designers (ICCED) is the embodiment of art and design fields all over the world's most powerful and representative organizations and individual international non - profit organization, membership dues for members to provide services and is one of the main sources of funding to carry out activities. According to the Ministry of civil affairs "on the adjustment of social groups, policy and other issues related to the notice", combined with the actual situation, we have formulated the measures.

First, the use of membership fees:

Membership dues to pay, all for the member to provide services, but must be strictly in accordance with the provisions of the club's business scope to carry out activities and for the club's office of the Secretary office, activities and other expenses.

Two, membership and membership fee standard:

(a) membership

Club members are divided into individual members, group members, honorary members.

1, the club's individual members shall meet one of the following conditions:

Obtain interior design or related professional qualification certificate, professional qualification certificate;

Get the architect, engineer, lecturer, assistant researcher and other technical title, qualification certificate;

Engaged in interior design related work for more than five years, have a good professional level and work performance.

2, where the design and interior design, scientific research, teaching, production, construction, management, building materials manufacturers, cultural institutions and are willing to participate in the activities of the club and the club support work units can apply for the club membership;

3, where the club has outstanding contributions or major supporters, the club by the secretariat after the adoption of the resolution, the appointment of honorary members, honorary membership certificate.

4, deputy director of the election, the expert advisor shall have the following conditions:

Abide by the law, support the leadership of the Communist Party of China and the government;

Support China's elite designers International Club charter;

It has a prominent influence and reputation in the field of interior design, the design of outstanding performance;

It has a strong public mind, willing to develop for architectural decoration design industry, offer advice and suggestions;

It can actively participate in club sponsored meetings and other related activities.

(two) the standard of membership dues

The membership fee is charged according to the uniform collection (every three years).

Individual membership dues 800 yuan / year / person;

Group membership dues 2000 yuan / year / unit.

Three, the club only designated account:

Account Name: is a United (Beijing) Culture Development Co. Ltd.

Bank: Industrial Commercial Bank of China Ltd, Beijing Peace Street sub branch

Account: 020020530920004385

Alipay account:

Four, Moto Suchi final interpretation of the right to return to the Chinese elite designers international club.

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