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Cooperation Notice

China elite designers International Club

Material taking notice

First, fill in the "application";

1, the main products and output column: production enterprises to fill in the product name, production; distribution enterprises to fill in the scope of business, sales (design enterprises to fill in the total revenue)

2, member representative name column to fill in the main person in charge of the unit;

Two, the "application form" to print and affix the seal of the entity;

Three, a copy of the business license and affix the official seal of the unit;

Four, enterprise introduction (800-1000 words) printed and stamped with the seal of the entity, or sent to the corporate brochure;

Five, will be issued by the enterprises above the provincial level quality inspection unit inspection report copy stamped seal units;

About six, approved by the Standing Council China elite club international designers, will apply for membership admission notice sent to the unit.

The membership dues unit after receiving the notice will be remitted to the designated account of international Chinese elite designers club through the bank, or club member of the bronze medal and certificate of membership.

Member rights

Members shall enjoy the following rights:

In our club, we have the right to vote, to be elected and to vote;

Priority to the right to participate in the activities of the club;

Preferential access to the rights of the club services;

The right to criticize, advise, and supervise the work of the club;

Right of free retreat;

Two. Members shall undertake the following duties:

The obligations of the club to implement the resolutions of the club;

The obligation to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the club;

Completion of the work assigned by the club;

The obligation to pay the membership dues;

To reflect the situation to the club, the obligation to provide information.

Standards of membership dues

1, basic member 5000 yuan / year governing 10000 yuan / year

2, the club designated account:

Account Name: is a United (Beijing) Culture Development Co. Ltd.

Bank: Industrial Commercial Bank of China Ltd, Beijing Peace Street sub branch

Account: 020020530920004385

Application materials submitted

1, the application form, corporate profile, team photo, LOGO, website links;

2, the material brand picture (more than 8 pictures), material brand description, quality inspection report.

3, the application form to download

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